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Classy Bucks Party Ideas for the Modern Gentleman

Tasked to plan your best mate’s bucks party? Don’t get pressured into thinking you have to plan activities that are as elaborate (and most likely impossible) as what the “Hangover” films depict. There are actually much simpler ways to have a classy and not-as-crazy bucks party. It can be as easy as booking with a high class strip club Brisbane has.

Here are some great ideas on how to plan a classy bucks party which allows a modern gentleman/groom to enjoy the finer things in life.

Brunch at his favourite fine dining restaurant.

This can be a great way for everyone to meet and get to know each other a bit, especially if there are many new faces within the groom’s chosen social circle. There definitely is a more relaxed atmosphere for small talk while filling yourselves with gourmet food and good coffee rather than having the initial meet-and-greet in a club with loud music and dim lights.

Have some tee time on the greens.

After filling up with a delicious brunch, it’s time to burn all the accumulated calories at a golf course. Enjoy driving around in golf carts and sipping cool cocktails as you practise your swings. Just make sure not to take too many lest you end up swinging clubs and balls in the wrong direction.

Raise your glasses to the ‘setting of the sun’ on a boat cruise.

In the late afternoon, hop on a yacht and cruise the waters. Commemorate the groom’s closing of a chapter in his life as he steps into marriage by asking everyone to give funny roasts and meaningful toasts as the sun sets. Look for a cruise operator who provides drinks and food, so you can refuel and have enough energy for the grand finale of your bucks day.

End the day at a high-class strip club.

Don’t settle for just any joint in the city. Find the best one which can offer high-class strip club entertainment and services. Check if they serve liquor fit for a gentleman, such as Johnny Walker and Grey Goose. Do they have a private area for your group, and will they be able to offer good food? Is the establishment well-maintained and stylishly furnished?

The OMFG Adult Lounge is a high class strip club Brisbane offers with beautiful ladies in club wear ready to entertain and party. Get in touch with them now for your bucks night booking.


With some careful planning and a few personal and classy touches, your groom and the rest of your bucks party members can enjoy a day fit for a modern gentleman.